Save $5 on Anya's Elephant!


If you want to support my fundraising initiatives to Help Save Little Anya, I would love for you to purchase a print of an original watercolour painting that I now call, "Anya's Elephant."  I am selling the print in my Etsy Shop for $20 and $5 will go directly to Anya.

The great news is that you can Save $5 when you shop on Etsy for the first time - and I can still donate the full $5 to Anya.  Savings for you and an amazing gift for Anya.

Also, if you live local to me and want to pick up the print, email me BEFORE you place your order on Etsy for a coupon code to save on the shipping cost.  You can message me in the Contact Us form on my website.

My goal is to sell 2000 prints by August 31, 2014 which will raise $10,000 for Anya.  Thank you for your support!