Mural painting creates stunning view

By Julie Slack, Hamilton Mountain News

When sisters Jenn and Adrienne get together for a weekend project, they don’t mess around.

They recently re-painted their Aunt’s backyard garage/shed into a gorgeous masterpiece, suitable for any art gallery.

The scene depicts their Aunt’s (Denise Turcotte), and Judy Matthews’, who also lives at the home on Highcliffe, favourite things in life, including their beloved pets, Benny and Bella, a pair of Highland Terriers, one black, and one white.

The mural took some 40 hours to complete, and was much more than Denise ever dreamed possible.  She invited the girls to paint the shed, to make the backyard brighter.

It worked.

Bella is pushing on a yellow fitness ball, the way she plays around the house, while Benny is smelling the flowers: beautiful cala lillies.

Originally, the huge workshop was just a grey cinder block building.  Now when Denise and Judy sit on their back porch they have a scene to look at, permanently.

For Adrienne and Jenn, the project was a labour of love.  They agreed the hours they spent as kids doing crafts with their Auntie were inspiration for the mural.

“We grew up doing crafts with Auntie Denise, and we included the sunflowers because we grew this seven-foot sunflower when we were kids,” added Jenn.

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