Autumn is Here Wallpaper Mural featured in On the Go Magazine

My wall mural, Autumn is Here, is featured in On the Go Magazine! 

The article is called Stylishly Small.  

It's all about how to make a small space look bigger - in a really stylish way - with wall murals.

The (now) famous mural

Here's the removable wallpaper mural she used, so you can see it in full detail:


Adding a mural into a small space might sound risky.  

I agree.

But there is a reason it works so well...especially this tree mural.  It leads your eye down a path of trees, so it makes the room look way bigger.  

Like there is a huge space to walk into a forest.

So it totally opens a wall up...and the room too.

Removable wallpaper mural, Autumn is Here, is featured in an article about designing small spaces.

Interior Designer, Aisan Ahmadi, gives a few tips that I found really helpful.  She says, "We all know lighter colours make the space look bigger.  You can go just with a white palette, or you can go with light greys or beige."

Aisan Ahmadi suggests "use wallpapers or big art" to stylishly design small spaces. 

This neutral mural is light and airy feeling, which is another reason it works so well in small spaces.

She also recommends "Don't be afraid to use art or wallpapers."

And Aisan must know what she's talking about!  She's the Principal Designer at Toronto's Creative Group Interiors.

What d'ya think?

I'd love to hear your opinion on using wall murals in a small space.  Do you think it's risky?  Does it depend on the colours or theme or the person's personality?

Share away in the comments below!