About Murals is featured in Bullfrog Insurance Ad Campaign

I'm featured in an ad campaign by Bullfrog Insurance, supporting small businesses and showcasing my wall murals.


They created 8 larger-than-life billboards around Hamilton, Ontario supported with a video interview and lots of posts on Facebook.

The Story

Bullfrog Insurance is a licensed Canadian insurance brokerage that covers small businesses...just like me.

I needed insurance to protect my clients while painting my wall murals and hanging my murals-on-wallpaper.  

You know...in case I spill paint on their floor or they trip on my tools.

Bullfrog Insurance seemed like a natural fit.

When Bullfrog were putting the plan together for their campaign, they were looking for current clients who had a very visual, hands-on small business that would stand out on a billboard.

I was the lucky business chosen, along with 3 others.


The Billboard (basically a mural of me!)

Doing the photoshoot for the billboard was so much fun.  

The crew photographed me in front of my daughter's Candy World mural. Here's a pic of the full room:

They were super patient to work with.  We got interrupted by the dog, my daughter...and my nerves too.

They definitely made me feel like a superstar and created an afternoon that I'll never forget.  I even got a couple behind the scenes pics so I'd never forget!

The video

Once the photoshoot was over, the crew interviewed me for the video.

They asked questions about my biz, how I got started painting wall murals and how I got into selling and hanging murals-on-wallpaper.  

Of course, they asked how it was to work with Bullfrog Insurance, too.  

You'll have to watch the video to hear what I say! ;)

I'm so grateful that Bullfrog Insurance is around...not only for this awesome opportunity to get get the word out about my wall murals.  

But also that there is an insurance company that chooses to work with and insure the little guys in business.

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