Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Wall Murals on Wallpaper

How Easy Is It To Install MuralUnique Wallpaper Murals?

It takes 2-4 hours to install MuralUnique wallpaper murals.  I am a fully trained installer by MuralUnique, so if you'd prefer to hire someone to install your wallpaper mural, you can purchase this service in my shop or contact me at 1-844-446-1551.  

If you would like to install the wallpaper mural yourself, follow these 3 simple steps (plus the tools list).  I recommend reading it through once and then using it as a step-by-step guide.


What Is The Cost Of Shipping MuralUnique Wallpaper Murals?

All MuralUnique wallpaper murals are shipped free within Canada and the Contiguous United States.  


How Long Does It Take To Receive MuralUnique Wallpaper Murals?

In Canada or to the United States, it will take between 3-7 days to receive MuralUnique wallpaper murals.  To Europe, Asia, Australia or New Zealand, it will take up to 15 days to receive MuralUnique wallpaper murals.


How Easy Is It To Remove MuralUnique Wallpaper Murals?

If installed properly, all MuralUnique wallpaper murals are easily removable and can be reused.  The removable wallpaper is ideal for homeowners who may move and want to take their wallpaper mural with them and also for renters who are concerned about damaging walls when moving out.


How Do The Measurements Work With MuralUnique Wallpaper Murals?

HEIGHT: Most MuralUnique wallpaper murals are 8' or 9' high.  When ordering your MuralUnique wallpaper mural, please ensure the wallpaper is slightly taller than your wall; 3" taller than your wall should be adequate, as walls are never totally level and may be taller or shorter in some places.  For example:

7' TALL WALL: order an 8' high wallpaper mural and trim it down to fit the wall.

7' 9" TALL WALL WITH 3" CROWN MOULDING: order an 8' high wallpaper mural and trim it down to fit the wall.

8' TALL WALL: order a 9' high wallpaper mural and trim it down to fit the wall.
9'+ TALL WALL: order a 9' high wallpaper mural.  You can either leave wall space around the wallpaper or frame the wallpaper with wood trim.

WIDTH: Each strip of MuralUnique wallpaper murals stretch by 1/4" once it's immersed in water.  For example, a 12' wide wallpaper mural will stretch to 12' 2" once installed.  Please take this into consideration when ordering your wallpaper mural and when installing it, especially if you're centering it on the wall.  

WALLPAPER MURAL IS WIDER THAN YOUR WALL: you can trim the left edge, right edge or both edges of the wallpaper mural in order to fit your wall.  If you are uncertain which edge to trim, please contact me and I will send you a visual image of the trimmed wallpaper mural.

WALLPAPER MURAL IS NARROWER THAN YOUR WALL: you can centre the wallpaper mural on the wall and either leave wall space around it or frame it with wood trim.  Again, please take into consideration the stretching (mentioned above) once the wallpaper mural is immersed in water, especially when centering it on the wall.

FAQs: Hand-Painted Murals

How do you come up with a design for a hand-painted wall mural?

I work closely with every client to come up with a unique wall mural design for their home.  I welcome all inspiration you might have, be it photos of other murals you like, paint swatches to colour match, ideas from Pinterest, or artwork from your child’s favourite book. 

From there, I take several days to let the creative juices flow and then either discuss or email the proposed design.  I like to involve the client every step of the way and openly welcome all ideas, concerns and inspiration all the way up to the last stroke of the paint brush.


Do you offer design consultations?

Yes, I offer complimentary design consultations by phone, email or Skype.  In some cases, you may be able to arrange a complimentary, in-home design consultation.  For more information, please call 905-746-1551 in the greater Hamilton area or Toll Free 1-844-446-1551.


Do you create sketches or outlines for your hand-painted wall murals?

If you require a sketch to preview your hand-painted wall mural design, one is available to purchase for $50.  


What kind of paint do you use for your hand-painted wall murals?

I use non-toxic, acrylic paint and/or low VOC latex paint that gives a permanent, durable finish when creating all hand-painted wall murals.  The acrylic paints have no odour and are safe to use around pregnant mothers and in baby nurseries or kids bedrooms.  


Are the hand-painted wall murals washable?

Yes, you can wipe your wall mural down with a damp cloth.


What happens if my hand-painted wall mural gets scratched or marked after the work is complete?

If you require me to touch up a mural, a fee will apply.  Please call or message to obtain a quote.


How long does it take to paint an average wall mural?

The time it takes to paint a wall mural can vary depending on the size, amount of detail, number of colours used and changes you request while it’s being painted.  The average wall mural that I create takes a day, but again, may take longer depending on a number of factors. 


Do I need to prepare the walls myself?

If you would like to save on cost, clients are welcome to prepare the walls before the wall mural is painted.  It is best to fill in any holes and cracks and then prime and paint the wall in the highest quality latex paint you can find.

If you would like a background to your mural like a sky and grass, but are on a budget, you are always welcome to paint this before I arrive.  I give great instructions on how to do this.  Simply email or call for tips and hints.

Of course, if you have a higher budget allocated to your project, I am a full service company offering wall painting services (as well as wallpaper hanging services). 


Do you travel to complete a hand-painted wall mural?

Yes, I travel throughout Ontario (and I would consider travelling to Hawaii or Australia during winter months!  Teehee)


How much does a hand-painted wall mural cost?

The price of a personalized, hand-painted wall mural varies depending on the size and amount of detail.  Prices start at $350.  Contact me today for a quote.


Do you offer discounts or promotions for your hand-painted wall murals?

I do offer promotions and special offers throughout the year. I encourage you to “Like” About Murals on Facebook for exclusive promotions.


What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, e-Transfer, PayPal and cash.


Do you give receipts or invoices for hand-painted wall murals?

Yes, I give receipts for my products and services.  This is especially important as write-offs for businesses that want custom or stock wallpaper murals and hand-painted murals for store fronts, waiting areas and special projects.


How do payments work for hand-painted wall murals?

Once you’ve booked a date for your hand-painted mural, you will be required to submit 25% deposit to cover the cost of materials.  The balance is due upon completion of the wall mural.


Are there cancellation fees for hand-painted wall murals?

If you need to cancel your scheduled wall mural project for any reason, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 24 hours or more before the scheduled mural project – you are entitled to a full refund of your 25% deposit, unless special materials were purchased that are non-refundable i.e. latex paint.  You may be able to reschedule the mural project at no loss.  
  • Day of the mural project – you will lose your 25% deposit for a last minute cancellation.  You may be able to reschedule the mural project at no loss.  

FAQs: Custom Wall Art

How do you ship your hand-painted Name Art and Letter Art?

I send all artwork via Canada Post standard mail.  The shipping cost will be calculated in your Shopping Cart while shopping in my online store. 

If you require expedited shipping, this can be arranged for an extra fee after you've made your purchase online. Feel free to call me for a more accurate quote on expedited shipping. 

All items are shipped in professional grade corrugated boxes.


Will you drop-ship items that are gifts?

Yes, if you’ve consigned and paid for a piece of artwork as a gift, I can drop-ship it directly to the lucky recipient.  Standard shipping rates apply.


How long does it take to receive my hand-painted Name Art or Letter Art in the mail?

Each Name Art painting and wooden Letter Art pieces are custom painted for each client.  The time it takes to receive them depends on the amount of detail required in your unique piece and how many other pieces of art are currently underway in the studio.  An estimated time of arrival will be given at the start of every project.

Once the work is complete, standard Canada Post shipping times apply.


Do you ship your artwork internationally?

Yes, products including Letter Art, Name Art and Wallpaper Murals can be shipped internationally but cannot be purchased through my website.  Please call me at 1-905-746-1551 (if you're outside of Canada or the USA), Toll Free 1-844-446-1551 (within Canada or the USA) or message me to place your order.


Do I have to pay taxes and duties on my international order?

Yes, customs fees, taxes and duties vary per country, and are the responsibility of the recipient.