Green Me

Adrienne Scanlan, owner of, runs an eco conscious business

"What's the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?" - Henry David Thoreau.

As a mama, I'm always trying to find ways to make the earth better for my daughter to grow up in (and hopefully...maybe...grandkids one day!).

Green Biz

I've been lucky enough to build my own business giving me the freedom to make "green" choices a priority each and every day.

Things like:

  • running a paperless office to save trees
  • using non-toxic paints for my art to save our waterways
  • running my store online (from home) rather than a physical storefront so I'm not leaving a carbon footprint with a daily commute

Green Supplier

But choosing products to sell and suppliers to work with could be a bit more challenging.

Working with MuralUnique was an easy decision because of their commitment to the environment.

Here are all the deets on their removable wallpaper murals and some of the reasons I love selling their product so much:

Green Facts about these wallpaper murals