Custom Mural Sizes

Your mural size isn’t listed?  No probs!  This mural can be custom-made to fit your wall exactly.

How much does it cost?

The cost to print your custom-sized wallpaper mural is $5.50/square foot.

This price covers: 

  • Printing – your mural will be printed on paper that is removable (and reusable) and eco-friendly
  • Shipping – your mural will be shipped to you for free within Canada and the contiguous United States

There is a minimum price of $137.50, which basically covers 25 square feet. 

The price is always based on the actual square feet printed (rather than your wall size).  

How does the sizing work?

The height of the wallpaper mural is totally custom – it can be printed as tall as you need.

The mural is printed on 18” wide panels, so the width of your custom wallpaper mural will fit into multiples of 18”.  

Get started!

Have more questions?  Give me a shout at 905-746-1551 or fill out this form.

Otherwise, start your custom order by clicking the photo below: