Circus Mural - Painted, Custom Wall Murals in Oakville, Ontario

This mural, called Circus Mural, was hand-painted for a daycare in the GTA.  It features an elephant, monkey and seal performing in a book-themed circus.

The daycare wanted a neutral, creative area for their kids to read books.  Instead of just creating an elephant room or monkey room, Adrienne’s design featured an entire circus!  Books acted as the Big Top tent and as the tightrope.  A seal balanced a book on his nose, a monkey juggled books on the tightrope and the circus elephant read.  The words “Nous, nous amuson ici” and “Nous sommes heureux ici” were hand-painted above the wall mural.  

Every hand-painted wall mural is:

  • Free-hand drawn
  • Painted with non-toxic acrylic paint so the room is safe for your children to play in
  • Created by a professional with over 10 years’ experience
  • Designed uniquely for you and your business or home

Additional Details

Mural Name: Circus Mural | SKU # AM102 | Supplier: About Murals | Price starting from $350

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