How to paint stripes on a wall

I paint stripes in my wall murals all the time and they look fab if done right. I LOVE sharing painting tips with my fans and I think this tip is one of the easiest (and one of the most needed) tips for making a “Wow!” wall.

So…have you ever walked into a room with striped walls, saw the totally imperfect paint line and made like you loved the room? 

“Oh Jane, this room looks so awesome!”


The paint seeped under the tape and now the should-have-been-crisp paint line is blotchy, splotchy and ugly.

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial on how to paint stripes on a wall and get a perfect, crisp paint line.

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Nursery Idea #1 – Reclaimed Wood Wall (just like The Bachelorette)

We’re about to start some renos at our house.  We moved into our old, Victorian home about 5 years ago and it needed a ton of work…especially structural…the boring stuff.


We didn’t really get into the fun part of decorating.  We just sort of slapped some paint on and called it a day.

Well, now we’re bored and ready to pretty the house up.

Paul and I have very different tastes (which is why we hired an interior designer to “referee” the design battle). 

But the one thing we CAN agree on is that we want the design to be timeless.

What a great idea, for a nursery too!

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4 Tips to Save BIG on a Mural (So You Don't Have to Sell the Farm!)

“Ooh, I’ve always wanted a wall mural in my son’s room, but we can’t afford it.” 

That’s what a mama said to me the other day, while we were picking up the kids from the gym daycare.

“Can’t afford it?”  I asked back.

“Well, ya.  They’re expensive.” 

“Expensive?”  I echoed.  I’m totally confused.

“Aren’t they?”  She asked.

I was super surprised by this. 

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Boys Bedroom Ideas #1: Hockey Bedroom

Donna called me one night.  She just moved to Stoney Creek (from Oakville) with her hubby and son, Nolin. 

Nolin is 11.  He left his old bedroom behind.  His whole childhood home, in fact.  And all his friends.  And his school.  And his sports teams. [...}

Donna and her hubby were starting renos on their new house.  They decided to decorate Nolin’s bedroom first, so he’d have a room to call his own and would feel at home in their new digs. [...]

Donna thought a hockey wall mural would be the perfect fit. 

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